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of the same na. other books include abraham and where god was born. his latest is called "america's profit." >> great to be back. >tavis: why is moses america's prophet? >> i had spent a decade traveling around the middle east looking at this kind of combustion of religion and politics and it seemed the debate was headquartered in the middle east. transferred back here. americans were in this, and ground this time i'd like -- i began, my wife gave birth to identical twins and we saw people, we had to go to them to get some help. when i went on board there was this guy reading the bible. i said what are you reading and he said texas. -- exodus. in my home town there is a letter from george washington where he credits the success in the revolution to the same god who freed the israelites. here is moses in the middle of the revolution. i kept saying ben franklin recruiting moses. harriet tubman all the way through to dr. king comparing himself to moses. i was shocked by the number of references and i said i should go through this journey and retrace influenced more americans. his name is mose
institute glenn: oh, that was kind of cool. i never seen that before! hello, america! tonight we have a special "time to be heard." the idea of this program came when i was speaking to my friend charles payne. he was on my show. when did you tell me the story about the briefcase? >> about a month and a half ago. glenn: he cried like a baby on my show. that's my gig, man! i asked charles to take me to where he grew up in new york. he showed me a neighborhood in harlem where he used to live, the neighborhood where other african-american kids used to beat him up for talking white, or wanting a briefcase because he always wanted to be a businessman or wearing nice clothes. charles shared his story with me and i want to show you a little bit of it. >> this is different than what it was when you were growing up? >> oh absolutely. just trees, grass, some of the beautification stuff they're doing right now. this was an an empty lot for at least a decade, and we used to throw rocks all the time. glenn: you said this is really what it felt like when you lived here trvetion more
" -- america's most wanted. he searched for jaycee dugard, helped bring elizabeth smart home. and he never stopped looking for his own sown's killer. two decades later, why john walsh is still on a mission to protect america's kids. >>> apocalypse 2012. sound like legend? or do some actually fear the world may end? we take an exotic journey to see how believers are getting ready. >>> plus, shark attack. we have a close-up look as sport and science collide, and the world's most dangerous predator becomes the deadliest catch. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city, this is "nightline," november 13th, 200 9. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. he is a crime fighter of the first rank in america. and a protech of of children. john walsh, driven by the abduction and murder of his own son adam, has been asking viewers to help break the biggest cases for more than two decades with his focus often on missing kids. take a 1991 story he did about a missing girl named jaycee dugard, who 18 years later has been reunited w
it will put america at risk. it's one of the worst decisions any president has made. bill: one of the top 9/11 terrorists will now be tried in civilian court. in new york city. some people think that's a very bad idea but the obama administration disagrees. >> he will be brought to new york, to new york, to answer for their alleged crimes. bill: we'll hear both sides of this important story. charges that a new disaster movie that wipes out nearly everybody goes out of its way not to offend muslims. we'll tell you what we know about "2012." >> no matter what happens, we'll all stay together. bill: now the big announcement. ready, ladies and gentlemen? glenn beck returns to "the factor" with a major announcement involving him and me. take it away. your humble correspondent. >> i want to warn you, it won't be politically correct. bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. khalid shaikh mohammed gets a break and that's the topic of our "talking points memo." he is involved in planning the 91
war or financial crisis. that was their plan. the interest wants to keep america in debt. you keep america in dead by having a financial crisis or make war. this is why the media is controlled by war mongeres. host: we're going to leave it there. on the twitter board. we have this tweet. "this is great. hopefully there is a lot of dirt on bush and cheney and this can come out and bush can be sent to trial as a war criminal." >> another post says "wake up, mr. president, we are at war here." host: back to the phone. on the line for democrats go ahead? caller: that last caller is probably still talking, huh? host: might be. what are your thoughts? caller: i have one sentence to sum up my feelings -- host: let's move on to the line for republicans in massachusetts. caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the logistics of actually prosecuting these people in the south district of new york. we are not using the full inspect rum of legal options available to us. evidence was gathered and this was in civilian setings. now we are talking about prosecuting people we captured on a=n
aimed at government control over the people's lives in the united states of america. the tea baggers are protesters -- or tea party yers, rather, are protesting about government seizing a huge chunk of the american economy and imposing near dictatorial controls. and by the way, i don't think the death panel thing is quite as far-fetched as a lot of commentators are saying. when the exchanges are put in, when the insurance exchanges are put in in states, that is going to allow a certain kind of almost death panel-like chrome by bureaucrats. so i don't think president clinton is on the right track here, although i do admire him a lot in terms of his taste in women in arkansas, but i do not think that he's barking up the right tree here. neil: now, now, now, now. adam, one of the issues i want to raise with you, again, regardless of what he said about tea partiers and all, is his thinking and is the democratic leadership's thinking, look, we don't want to run into the bus that we ran into surg the during when we would go home for a break when we had all these town hall protesters, we do
this is terrorism. >> right. we used to acclimate new immigrants to america to become americans. it is the victim culture. on 9/11, they became the number one victims. no one will act when he is going around saying infidels' need to be be headed. after, the suspect shoots 13 dead, and what do we have from the staff of the army? it would be bad if diversity is a casualty. that is crazy, but that is what the victim culture leads to. you cannot imagine them keeping someone who talks like this -- sean: the media in particular and our government bend over backwards. they knew about this guy and they knew about it for long time. it is not something they just discovered. what is the real reason why they are doing this? >> the same thing before 9/11, remember? some of the agents out in arizona called in and said, we are seeing arabs taking flight lessons. the office in washington shut that down. here, the doctor is sitting listening to the seminar on how the koran calls for be heading infidels and thought something was askew. there were lots of reports in. the army did nothing. this is the behavior you e
is going to jail. >> when you mess with america's emotions, america will hurt you. the d.a.'s will ask for jail on richard. >> ultimately, the judge makes the decision on punishment. as you mentioned, that comes during sentencing next month. trace: thank you. it claims that it is a muslim charity organization but the feds say it is funneling money to the government of iran. new details about a blockbuster criminal investigation, plus, time to break out the wetvac. these scenes are up and down the east coast. ñÑ trace: an update from "the fox report" last night. investigators moving to take control of property owned by a group that might have funneled money to the iranian government. the feds say the foundation sends money to iran and it is used in the nuclear program. prosecutors began the process of seizing real estate owned by the group in five states. among the assets, four shiite muslim mosques. eric shawn is outside one of those mosques in queens. >> the question tonight, has iran infiltrated america through this foundation? we told you about that foundation as part of our inves
have overtaken one city. can these beleaguered residents fight back? >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, november 14th. i spent a good part of yesterday reading this book. it's not out in stores yet. we were able to buy a copy, though. and there are some really interesting things in there. stories, including why someone on her campaign thought that palin might need a nutritionist. >> it is the most-anticipated book in recent memory. you get a sneak peek coming up. >>> also this morning, if you've ever given up junk food, maybe you understand the results of one new study that says foods like burgers and fries and doughnuts are just as hard to kick as cocaine and heroin. and we look at how fatty foods affect your brain. and with that knowledge, might help you kick the habit. >>> life stiles of the rich and infamous. would you like to own bernie madoff's watch or mets jacket? the antiques roadshow guys will be with us to tell us what madoff's loot is worth. and proceeds go toeimbursing ththousands of victims that lost their investments in his scam. >>> and justin be
states of america. their legacy will be an america that is safer and stronger. an america that reflects the extraordinary character of the men and women who serve it. thank you. >> good morning. this is congressman mark kirk of illinois. when i returned home from active duty in afghanistan, i dedicated my congressional service to helping families with healthcare. we can lower healthcare costs and provide conference for americans who lack insurance by enabouting key reforms that already help thousands of families in many states. first, we can start lowering costs by reigning in lawsuits in america. we are the most litigious country on earth. lawsuit reforms can save billions in healthcare costs alone. in new jersey, without lawsuit reform, it costs $5,500 per patient to provide insurance. in california, with some of the strongest lawsuit reforms, insurance costs half as much as it does in new jersey. congress should enhance the effective reforms of many states by enacting lawsuit reforms for our entire country. second, congress should grant the right of each american to buy coverage from
the finishing touches on the forecast. stay tune. (announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep. we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up, that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. ? a trip to france for a group of high school students from sterling, virginia, ended on a sour note after the school suspended 11 honor roll students for drinking. it's a story we'll been following for months and the question is did the school violate its own policy when they gave out that punishment. surae chinn joins us more with answers to that question. >> well, derek, school policy says first time offenders are only supposed to get ten days. a judge says that's not what happened. >> reporter: a trip to school after school officials suspended 11 students on their last day. >> the judge felt that the school system botched the sus
you what. >>> i'll introduce you to some of america's most talented artists and writers. >>> i'll have the story of a musician who gets her inspiration from books. >> and there's more, just ahead on "teen kids news." >>> hi, i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm jessica. we'll start with headlines from around the world. >>> the first family visited europe earlier this week. mr. obama met with russia's president to talk about reducing nuclear weapons. both nations agreed to sizable cuts. the administration sought to repair strained relations between the two countries, a theme echoed in president obama's speech to graduates at a moscow business school. >> i believe that on the fundamental issues that will shape this century, americans and russians share common interests that form a basis for cooperation. >> the president then traveled on to italy for the g-8 summit and to meet with the pope. >>> sarah palin is offering more information about her surprise resignation as alaska's governor. her last day in office will be july 26th and she claims that her plans are uncertain. >> i do not know what the fut
p panoply of the u.s. law. now they're going to be given a forum to make america seem bad again. criticize and mock america. it's extremely unseemly. >> it may turn out to be an opportunity for some people to get some of the justice they've been looking for for a long time. and they show that the civilian court system can succeed in certain case where is the evidence is clear, it's overwhelming, and you don't need to use all of this secret evidence or evidence that's been obtained through the torture program of the bush administration. >> families of 9/11 victims as you can imagine have some powerful feelings about holding this trial in new york. susan candiotti reports, some people say it hits too close to home. >> reporter: eight years of waiting is eight years too long for jim riches. he wants the alleged 9/11 conspirators tried in new york. the attack killed his son, a fellow firefighter. >> i want to get this moving, justice delay suicide justice denied. >> reporter: a handful of civilians got a close-up look attica lead sheik mohammed and others in a guantanamo courtroom l
challenges facing america's future. additional funding is provided by the following supporters >>> hello and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. when president obama arrived in japan todaon the first stop of his first trip to asia, he came face to face with a man not unlike himself. a new leader who swept into office on a promise of change. including asserting greater independence in dealing with the united states. prime minister yukio hatoyoma has kept that promise, making it clear that japan will no longer allow itself to be treated as a rubber stamp for u.s. policy, especially on the issue of american military bases. he has gotten washington's attention, and its respect. and by today, relations seemed to be warming once again. in tonight's "lead focus" the president's analysis of u.s./japanese relation. president obama arrived in japan friday afternoon, tokyo time, the first stop on a four-nation tour that will include singapore, china and south korea. shortly after his arrival, president obama met with the japanese prime minister, yukio hatoyoma. among the issues on the table, afghani
to the judge to decide if the heenes have to repay the cost of search and rescue. >> when you mess with america's emotions, america will hurt you. >> that's why of lane expects richard heene will do some jail time. for now they're free until their sentencing, but they won't escape the freeman of the press anytime soon. >> that was heidi hemmet reporting. sarah palin's new book comes out tuesday and her former running mate senator john mccain has time to read it? of men and women overseas, country singer amy grant has an easy way to let them know you can care this season. take a moment of your time well investigated. you want to stick with us for that. ♪ . (announcer) we understand. you need to save money. >> clooel kalid shaikh mohammed is coming to new york city and many americans are outraged. caroline shively has the latest on that and other stories. >> hi, brian. attorney general eric holder's decision to bring the professed master mind of the attack to new york has strong critics. holder insists that the court system and evidence are strong enough for a guilty verdict and many americans
judy, jim, cal, i'm jon scott and we'll see you next week. >> will hello america. tonight i brought together an audiences full of real medical doctors. how can you tell? because they are wearing all those smart white coats. look at these. you know, these are doctors. that is the only way stupid people can tell who the doctors are, except these guys confuse me, they are wearing tags that say doctor but i'm not sure because they're not in a white coat. i think that is what the obama administration think we think. you remember this photo op? they are handing out the white coats. by the way, you can take your coats off if you like. i wanted to have a conversation with you tonight because quite honestly we're dealing with really huge issues and before we went on the air i asked the doctors who are experts in their own field -- they went to school and everything, right? good. i asked them to talk to each over and you tonight as people who are just worried about what is it going to happen to their country, to their patients, if this obama care goes through. i wanted to ask you a couple of
>>> barack obama making the first presidential trip to asia. he says america needs to improve alliances there. you'll hear how he thinks that will affect you. >>> he had a heart attack after a marathon and technically died. well now, he's alive to talk about it. hear what doctors did to revive him after 40 minutes. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> set an emotional record-setting domino effect. wait until you hear how many tiles they set up for their shining moment. >>> hey, there. thanks for having us over. this is hln "news and views," this is virginia cha. president obama is now in singapore. he will meet with leaders of apec. before leaving japan, he said the u.s. needs to work closer with japan. he also said there are other tough things to deal with. >> this is a place where the risk of a nuclear arms race threatens the security of the wider world, and where extremists who defile a great religion plan attacks on both of our continents. there can be no solution to our energy security and our climate challenge without the rising powers and developing nations of the asia pa
a terrorist, no better than a dictatorship, but indeed we're america and we're bert than that. >> and, dan, let's talk about the nitty-gritty of a trial. i can hear the defense right now. they weren't read their miranda rights, not taken into custody, lack of a speedy trial. >> i don't think miranda, et cetera, will be the issue, sort of mundane kind of arguments -- i say mundane that we hear in trials -- but you're going to hear the defense say that nothing anything said while they were at guantanamo should be admissible, meaning i don't think there's any question that none of what was said while, for example, khalid shaikh mohammed was being water boarded, is going to be admissible. but what about a month later? what about a hearing? was he still so influenced by what happened to him the statements he made, he confessed, again, tried to plead guilty, should not be admissible? i think that's where the thorny legal issues will come up. >> when you said plead guilty, this whole thing could end quickly if he follows his pattern before him and said i did it but -- >> i don't think it will go
throughout this entire region. but there is a pending free trade agreement in america right now with south korea. it was negotiated in june of 2007. it's been sitting there waiting for action. the last two of the bush administration, well into the first year of the obama administration, it would be the biggest free trade agreement the united states has with any other nation since nafta. it would add u.s. trade representatives ten to $12 billion to the gdp. but because the obama administration wants more access for the u.s. auto makers, south koreans aren't high on that. that agreement is stalled and there has been no efforts here, no visible effort for the obama administration to bring the two nations any closer on that free trade pact. others could commence and follow after that. but until that is removed, it doesn't look like there will be more than free trade rhetoric on this trip and in this region. >> if it's sunday, it must be singapore. you've got a few more stops to go yet before you come back home on thursday. we'll see you soon. thanks very much. >> thank you. president obama's a
the government will provide. [ applause ] >> glenn: good night america. good night mrs. dunne wherever you are. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. toppling the news, president obama right in the middle of a tour of asia and assuring the u.s. will not be cowed by north korea. we'll have a live report from singapore. >> and the attorney for the fort hood shooter wants his client to get a psychiatric evaluation. the attorney says mental responsibility will be a crucial issue here as many of those killed at fort hood are laid to rest today. >> gregg: it could very well be the next trial of the essential. yesterday we learned that the five men suspected of playing vital roles in 9/11 terror attackss will now stand trial in manhattan. yards from where the twin towers fell. eric holder insisting the case is rock solid. some view the of as politically and legally risky. molly henneberg is live in washington with more on that. >> molly: attorney general holder says this can work. they can try these terrorists and he is not worried about th
at the peak of the worst economic crisis since the great depression. at that time, hides that america had been struck by an economic pearl harbor but much has chked since then, and he's here to tell us how he views a global and american economy in recovery. last week berkshire hathaway struck a $26 billion deal to buy all of burlington northern santa fe railroad, the largest acquisition in company history. he called the deal an all-out wager on the american economy. he is in new york for a town hall event he held with bill gates yesterday. he graciously agreed to stay over an extra night and i am pleased to have a good friend of mine back at this table. >> thank you, charlie. great to be here. >> rose: great to see you. it has been, certainly from the middle of008 to the middle of 2009, one incredible year. >> one incredible year. ( laughter ) once in a lifetime, i hope. >> rose: tell me about it for you. >> well, it was-- it really was an extraordinary time in this country. we came closer to a financial meltdown than certainly any time ooefr ever seen, and probably in certain respects there w
with the everyone porer of jap and in the trip's major speech calling himself america's first pacific president. >> i know that the united states has been disengaged from many of these organizations in recent years, so let me be clear, those days have passed. >> reporter: the united states and asia are ireasingly interdependent. the u.s. has borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars from china and japan. in turn, their economies are reliant on the big consumer appetite of americans and china in particular, where the president will travel tomorrow, is key on security issues like iran and north korea. >> asia as a region is more important to the united states from a trade and security perspective than perhaps any other region of the world. >> reporter: but as the president travels the region this week, his agenda is partly overshadowed by the looming decision on afghanistan. allies are anxious to know what the administration's strategy will be. aides say additional national security meetings are a possibility upon the president's return, but mr. obama promises a decision soon. >> i recognize that
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the latest on the entire trip. >> excellent. >>> and coming to america. calid sheik muhammad. accused mastermind will stand trial in federal court in new york city steps away from where the world towers once stood. we report and you decide. >> plus, looking at remanents of ida in ocean city, new jersey. flooding damaged the homes and six people dead as a result of that store. our slogan comes from steve sterling in illinois. it could be steve sterling. emporor. >> you never fail to light up my screen. it is better than shot of caffeine. >> yeah. >> it is fox and friends. >> aw, the rooster is crowing and good saturday morning to you all. thank you for joining us this morning. >> picking up the newspaper. you will see the new york post making head. of course, what everyone is talking about. calid steek muhammad now died . evil returning . >> it is what everyone in new york is talking about. the amount of security that will be involved in bringing the five 9/11 suspects here is unprecedented. what it will take to put them on trial here and is it worth it. >>> and i went to the family of
. she says she wants to give america a special christmas present, but the neil cavuto gang tells her why americans can't afford it. but first, did democrats just say the $787 billion stimulus has failed? remember when@ christmas was magical? let's get back there. santa's wonderland at bass pro shops has@ what we've all been missing: with the arcades, elves, and even a free picture with santa. >> from america's news headquarters, good morning, everyone. i'm jamie colby. president obama is now in singapore. it's the second lepping of his asia tour. the president meeting with the prime minister and attending an economic summit. earlier he was in japan, and he met with the country's emperor and empress. the president announced in tokyo that the u.s. will join a free trade area with other with a past sysk rim nations. and u.s. attorney general eric holder is givings several reasons for trying five 9/11 terror suspects in a civilian court in new york city. holder says he made the decision because many of the victims were civilians. the attacks happened in the u.s., and because of still unknown
out all these plans. >> i would just point out that america's health insurance plans, the big lobby group, is behind this, so the health insurers, they horse traded. they got what they wanted out of this bill. shouldn't we -- david: i don't know if they got what they wanted, but it's true they did think they were going get something out of t. >> if they did have to give a little, they're getting some. just like the health insurers. david: but victoria, the question, is do you really think the unions would go that much in favor of something that hurts them? >> i don't think in the end this bill -- them don't see it as hurting them. certainly they've gotten a lot of deals out of it. and my question, is what about the taxpayers? it's like everyone has a lobbying group in washington except for taxpayers. david: e-mac, quickly, go ahead. >> how come no one's talking about the $10 billion that could go to unionized companies to dwhray retiree healthcare costs? that could come again in the dead of night on christmas event it's already been in one of the bills. it could come. our tax dollar
's on the verge of closing. "we've already finish christmas items for america," he says. "i only have a third of my workers left, just waiting to make things for easter and valentine's day." it's the same all over china. u.s. shoppers used to be the chinese economy's salvation. now after years of double-digit growth, exports to america dropped almost 17% compared to the first nine months of 2008, a $32 billion difference. even factories with soiled order sheets are affected. phillip cheng makes half of world's sports helmets. he's been forced to invest more to keep the company running. "lots of our suppliers have closed," he explains. "we have to hire more workers and get more materials to cover for them." and how will these changes impact american christmas shop therz season? if china is any indication, the malls won't stock more than the basics stins store byers are only ordering the bare minimum. >> the quantities that we saw a year ago or two years ago or three years ago are not there. i would guess they're half. >> reporter: so chinese factories continue to adapt or close down while they
. at this point taylor herself will not be america's sweetheart much longer if this continues. >> thank you for your call. call us and let us know what you think about this or anything else on your mind. >> we keep the phone lines open all the time. all weekend long. 888-sbt-buzz. leave us a voice mail so we can play your call. it is the interview that everyone, even me, we have been waiting for this. sarah palin going head to head with oprah. >> we don't have to keep going down the road of controversy and drama. we don't really like the drama. >> new revelations to oprah. what does she have to say about levi johnston and secrets from her book. what did she think when she heard her teen daughter was pregnant? >> will the most provocative celebrity of the week. carrie prejean, sarah palin or michael lohan who did the unthinkable of releasing recordings of his daughter. chris brown that beat up rihanna getting a standing ovation from a roomful of women. are you kidding? >> this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. keep watching for more provocative news from show biz tonight. >>> ryan seacrest and el
democratpassed the affordable health care r america act. the bill passed by just fe votes, despite a majity for democrats in the house. thstumbling bck, abortion. over in the senate, harry reid is alrdy grappling wh that issue. >> i expect a bill that will he ensu no federal funds for aboron, and let the rigs of providers and healthare facilities are procted. >> i thought the u of fedel funds for abortions hadeen provided by that hyde amement in 1976 could not good enough, apparently, for the catholic bishops who were lobbying for the amended bwas this necessary? >> george miller, nancy pelosi's class is the tent in the house, strgly pro-choice, sai at there is pro-life majority in the hoe of representaves, and his pro choice colagues better understand. we fou that out on satday. while there is a consensus that a portio shall illegal and available, public tax llars will not- shall be legal and available, pubc tax dollars wi not pay for it. >> will be amendmenturvive the final bill? >>ome form will survive. this itougher than theyde man in. there is a possibity that if they deny grapple wi i
, house democrats passed the affordable health care for america act. it passed with just five votes, despite a majority for democrats in the house. the stumbling block, abortion. harry reid is already grappling with that issue. >> i expect to ensure that no federal funds are allowed for abortion and that the conscience rights of providers and the health care facilities will protected. >> i thought this issue was settled, that the use of the federal funds for abortions was provided by that hyde amendment in 1976 did not good enough, apparently, for the catholic bishops. mark, you were up there. why is this necessary? >> this is necessary because the chairman of the education and labor committee said that his purchase colleagues better understand that. we found that of8 -- his pro- choice colleagues better understand it. we found that out on saturday, that while there is a consensus that abortion ought to be legal and available, public tax dollars will not pay for it. >> nina, will be a men > -- will be amended survive the final bill? >> some form of it. this is tougher than the hyde
passed the affordable health carfor america act. the bill passed by justive votes, despite a mority for democrat in the house e stumblinglock, abortion. over in th senate, harry reid is aeady grapplingith that issue. i expect a bill that will he enre no federal funds for abtion, and let the rhts of providers and heal care facilities are ptected. > i thought these of feral funds for abortions h been provided by that hyde andment in 1976 could not good enough, apparently, for the catholic bishop who were lobbying for the amendedy was this necessary? >> george miller, nancy pelosi's class is the tant in the house, songly pro-choice, sd that there ia pro-life majori in the use of representives, and h p choice cleagues better understand. we fnd that out on surday. while there is a consensus that a portn shall illegal and available, public tadollars will not -- shall be legal and available, plic tax dolla ll not pay for it. >> will be amendme survive the final bill? >> some form will survive. thiss tougher than the hyde man in. there is a possility that if they deny grapple th it, nobody
in the military and reporters who cover them. >> america honors our men and women around the world and news woch honor the reporters who bring you their stories. next on news watch. a >>> we celebrated veterans' day this week honoring those that served and our troops are still in uniform. where our troops go so do reporters taking risks to bring the stories home. recognizable faces and some not so. now a report from baghdad. >> tens of thousands of u.s. troops have spent years in iraq and afghanistan, in both cases fighting the enemy and help. i have spent time in iraq trying to cover the soldier's story. in 2006 and 2007 as iraq suffered through hundreds of bombings and thousands of sectarian murders, our reporting felt like a risk in between the carnage and destruction, crucial to see what was being done to stop it. >> at fox we made the decision to leave our baghdad as much as possible to embed with troops to find out what they were doing. many journalists will remember this as the embed role to beside by side with soldiers. we have faced some of the dangers. in mosul when a suicide bomb are
and a senior at brandeis university. daniel levy wears several hats. she's at the new america foundation and is director of the prospects for peace initiative at the century foundation. he has a long experience working with different israeli governments on peace-related matters and in 2001 was a member of the official delegation to the talben negotiations. and morehouse mujadi, a professor of a the national defense universities, near south asia center for strategic studies and also teaches at george washington. he was an adviser to the syrian delegation during the middle east peace talks throughout the 1990s. finally, ambassador dan kurtzer has had a long and distinguished career in it united states state department. it culminated in his serving as ambassador to egypt from 1997 to 2001 followeded by an ambassadorial posting from israel. from 2001-2005. today he holds the chair in middle east policy studies as woodrow wilson school of public and international affairs, and most importantly, dan works very closely with me. and is a dear friend. so thank you, and if i can call julio to join
in america are very, very good, and the students grow up and become young adults and they do their work and they like it and they are challenged. >> they will discuss the listening tour this sunday on "meet the press." >> are you stressed? how about eating chocolate? it might be good for you. plus -- >> [unintelligible] >> they father's emotional plea for the return of his young daughter. >> water on the moon, what this could mean for future space missions. >> a powerful storm on the coast beginning to drift farther away, but when it moved away fast enough to salvage part of the weekend? temperatures are in the >> authorities believe they are getting closer to finding a missing 5-year-old girl. she disappeared on tuesday. authorities arrested a man overnight on kidnapping charges after surveillance photos carried -- showed him carrying the girl shortly after her disappearance. >> bring her home safely to us i miss you so much and i am waiting for you. i am not going to give up and you do not give up either. >> authorities do not believe the child has been harmed. they are trying to dete
a stage to mock us. to mock what america is about. and to mock freedom. and it makes me sick to my stomach. >> the attorney general also announced that five other suspects including a major suspect in the bombing of the uss cole will be tried before military commissions. in washington. jennifer davis. fox news. >> the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 fellow soldiers at fort hood could be paralyzed from the waist down. the attorney for major malik nadal hasan said his client has no feeling in his legs. and doctors say that's unlikely to change. he was shot by police that responded to last week's shooting at fort hood. he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. >> meanwhile observers are starting to question why the shooting is not being considered an act of terrorism. on morning news today political commentator armstrong williams said political correctness is keeping the shootings from being called terrorism. >> when asked about his loyalty whether it was to the united states, he said no to the koran. what he has done is murder and assassinated people yelling out jihadist r
contract sinc2005. that's when america westought u.s. airwa. since then, e merged company's pilots have been flying unde sepate union contracts and work rules. u.s. airways had no commt. euu >> susie: here a look at what'sappening next week. my guest mart monitor this we is michael oiggins, president of o o'higgins asset management in florida. welcome back. nice to be he. >> wl street continues i a rallmode thateems unstoppable. what is the main drivg force behin this impressiv bull? >> it's the fed'smoney printing machi. >>imple as that. >> triions of dollars. they've got toind a home somewhere. >> andhey are fining the stock market. >> i mean businessmen aren't confident they aren't going to invest in ftories d creating new jobso it goes into eculation. >> what could tu the tide and cause a sharp downturn? >> well, i think the market usually falls on its own weig, periodically particularly if gets ead of itself. it pbably a little ahead of itself. it has h a huge run since march. an typicly even if this is a cyclicabull market which it may or may not be we should get a 14 to 1 corre
gets aggressive. >> (announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep. we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up, that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. here's to discovering that the little things in life are often big things and the time well spent doesn't always mean money must be spent people everywhere are building their lives on more solid ground through sound choices and a smart approach to their finances and they're turning to suntrust for easy ways to save money and take more controover it live solid, bank solid. suntrust. >>> he is very, very close and i don't want to say they don't need him, but when he comes back, it's going to be serious fire power. the highest scoring team in the nhl. he's out with a s sore shoulder. the timing couldn't be better. mike is out for a couple weeks with
available on dvd. "the supreme court: home to america's highest court." would take the place is only accessible to the justices and their staff. hear about the history and traditions from the justices themselves. own your own copy. it is $9.95 plus shipping and handling. order at -- [unintelligible] -- >> we spoke with these officials as well as others at the recent government 2.0 summit here in washington d.c.. this is a conference focused on how technology can be used to bring transparency to government. first off, here is the co- chaired. -- co-chair. >> what is the summit about? >> i realized some time ago that there is a huge upwelling in interest for software developers getting access to government data. a lot of times, the future occurs in fits and starts. they're people that are called hackers, i call them alpha geeks. the industry then catches up. one of the first match-ups was putting chicago city reports on to a map. since then, we have seen that kind of application spread over the last year. the city of washington d.c. had an official co
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